Appetizing Eggs from the Farm!

The Teneketzi family are inextricably linked to nature, its area and its traditional farm has conserved, for 60 years, an original and authentic way by its love for the art of poultry production. All Teneketzi eggs are packed, one by one, without using automated machinery and arrive to you in organic, innovative packaging pet (recycled plastic bottles) that respects the environment and keeps unchanged their reputation and their quality.

Quality is unquestionably guaranteed by the Teneketzi family because of the ideal environment that they have created to rear and breed the chickens, with full respect for traditions and with natural feed which is also grown on the farm or originate from verified suppliers. Certification of this quality consists in the everyday choice and trust shown by our thousand customers in Teneketzi eggs. Teneketzi deliver their everyday, fresh, healthy and nutritious eggs to supermarket chains, traditional grocers, large gatherings, hospitals, camp sites and nurseries, and to young and old, from Evros to Larissa and all over northern Greece.

The Teneketzi family has one vision: that every modern family and specifically children be well-fed and healthy, relishing one of the most valued and purest gifts of nature with all their nutritional substance and benefits.

We work diligently every day to satisfy our vision to offer excellent service, taking care of everything from production to packaging and the distribution of the products.

The only thing you need to do every day is to satisfy your taste requirements in whichever way you wish: soft boiled or hard boiled, a beautiful smelling omelet or your favourite recipe. Let yourself enjoy their unique appetizing taste and offer yourself all the beneficial nutrients and vitamins.