We created an ideal, absolutely natural and healthy environment in which chickens could live and breed on the farm Every bird enjoys special care and attention, is fed with quality, absolutely safe and healthy food to offer guaranteed quality eggs full of taste.

Having full respect for nature and good health of the poultry we are especially concerned about the feed which consists of non-genetically modified cereals, corn, wheat and seeds, as well as the conditions for survival to fulfil the strict directives of the E.U. and Greek legislation..


Every egg is collected carefully and goes through strict checks, is classified according to its weight (S_M_L_XL), is stamped according to the kind of feed used (Organic, free range, barn) and packaged by hand in small or big quantities. Regular veterinary checks quarantee the good health of the poultry, while the monthly laboratory tests not only to the products but to our installations guarantees that every egg that reaches you is free from antibiotics, genetically modified food and salmonela.

During the procedure of internal checks of the eggs, ovulation plays significant role and it is done by high quality equipment which gives us all the necessary information about the freshness, the health and the regularity of the eggs. Furthermore, all the required regulations for the conditions of the conservation of eggs are followed, so as to remain clean, dry, free from external smells, to be protected effectively from vibrations, and not to be exposed to direct sun light.


Teneketzi eggs are stored and transferred at a stable temperature which guarantees their excellent preservation, quality and nourishment. The privately-owned fleet of cars are suitably equipped to transfer our eggs in a few hours after they are layered to places of sale in all Northern Greece. In that way the guaranteed quality of Teneketzi eggs reaches your table fresh and healthy, to enjoy the superb, authentic taste and their high nutritional value.